Bamboo, lava rock. 92cm., 36". The series:"Prototype for New Understanding" of Brian Jungen of my last post made me think of this sculpture I made some years ago.

When I was living in the Republic of Benin (which was then still called Dahomey) I was struck by the power of vodoon. One of its manifestations were Legbas. These were women who were about to do something against their family's will, such as becoming a nun for example. Their family got a spell put on them through the intermediary of a "charlatan"(not sure if that was the name they gave to vodoon priests). The result was that they turned into crazy nymphomaniacs rumbling through the streets and attacking sexually the men. In the country these Legbas were roaming around totally naked. I remember seing one that looked almost like Crumb's giant.

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